Hole Punching(Cloud Service)
Hole punching is a networking technique for establishing communications between two parties(NVR and remote PC or mobile phone) in separate organizations who are both behind restrictive firewalls. Since each client initiated the request to the server, the server knows their IP addresses and port numbers assigned for that session, which it shares one to the other. Having valid port numbers causes the firewalls to accept the incoming packets from each side.
Broad Device Integrations
Sicunet NVR integrates Sicunet cameras and third party devices with support for standards ONVIF (including Profile S devices), RTSP standard and native device integration.
Control in CMS
SNR series can be added as device in CMS. It means that user can remotely manage and control Sicunet standalone NVR thru Sicunet CMS software. In Sicunet technology users don't need to use the various software any more.
Remote Web Viewer
Support for Web Client on PC (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers). Supports live, playback/search of recorded video for up to 5MP resolution on all cameras, taking snapshots and viewing presets for PTZ cameras.