IP Camera

Control in CMS
SNC series can be added as device in CMS. It means that user can remotely manage and control Sicunet IP camera thru Sicunet CMS software. In Sicunet technology users don't need to use the various software any more.
Privacy Mask
Privacy masking is a feature found in many IP cameras which is used to protect personal privacy by concealing parts of the image from view with a masked area. Examples of this use would be masking windows of domestic properties or car number plates which are not subject to surveillance.
Motion Detection
Motion detection is the process of detecting a change in position of an object relative to its surroundings or the change in the surroundings relative to an object. This technology detects moving objects, particularly people. The motion detection enables you to optimize the use of recording storage and provides instant alarm verification by allowing for a quick and appropriate responce.
Two Way Audio (Talkback)
Two way audio enables you to receive and transmit audio through the IP camera. IP cameras can capture sounds coming from a monitored site through a microphone and relay it back to security person remotely monitoring the site. The security person can then verbally communicate with people around the camera thru attached speakers to issue instructions, warnings, etc.
WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)
WDR is a feature which describes an attribute of an imaging system that can record greater scene details, from shadows to highlights than normal. WDR digitally adjustes exposure in areas of the frame to maintain optimum detail in both the shadows and highlights of the image.
True Day and Night
Black & White Image at Night
As daylight diminishes, day and night cameras record night scenes in black and white in order to reduce noise, and heighten the quality of the image. These innovative day and night surveillance cameras with removable IR cut filters work just as well during the day when sunlight is available. After the sun sets, the camera automatically relies on near-IR light to switch to night mode.
Infrared LED
Better Video under Low Light
IR Cameras are an excellent way of providing a picture in poor light. These can be supplemented by the use of extra IR lights. Night view cameras with IR will show pictures in no light using the range of IR. The picture will be BW under of range of IR.
Anti-Vandal Proof
A vandal-proof camera is a camera and housing intended to resist vandalism, making sure the camera will continue to operate in conditions where people attempt to break it or impair its function.
Waterproof Protection(IP66)
Safe under Any Outdoor Space The waterproof security camera allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of keeping the outdoor perimeter of your property under surveillance without worrying about your camera getting ruined by the rain or the elements.