Our total security technology gets along with all security systems.

Video surveillance, Access control Designed with integration in mind, Sicunet total security technology recognizes Sicunet CMS, IP camera, standalone NVR and access controller.

CMS15 is the total network video solution which integrates all Sicunet video surveillance products such as IP camera , standalone NVR, and standalone DVR . Numerous clients can administer video surveillance products installed across multiple sites. This helps maximize the efficiency of the monitoring system enabling real-time management by the authorized personnel.Sicunet network cameras enable users to remotely view and record live video from anywhere in the world. They use standard IP networks such as local area networks (LANs) and the Internet for transporting information rather than dedicated point-to-point cabling, used in analog video systems. This ensures a cost-effective, flexible and scalable video surveillance solution that can be easily expanded as needs evolve.

A powerful and intuitive web client allows fine tuning of the camera. Setup is quick and easy and can be customized through a web client or from NVR. The built-in web server provides password-protected access to the camera’s video and network setup.

Our Technologies

Stable Operation System

Our products are based on embeded
Linux OS(operation system), which
ensure excellent working performance
various environments.

Crystal Image Quality

ᆞWide resolution network cameras
ᆞ3A technologyWide dynamic range
ᆞHigh light compensation
ᆞ3D Digital noise reduction

Practical & Robust

We comply with international industry standards.

Convenient Cloud Technology

Our exclusive cloud(P2P) technology is
super easy network setup for client,
access and management security system.

Super Easy

In large-scale system with hundresds of
cameras, easy installation significantly
reduces the system cost.

Efficient Operation

We offers user-friendly products and
system solutions for a wide range of
applications to maximize uptime and
support right operator decisions.