WEB Viewer Solution

Sicuent Smart CMS(CMS15), Web viewer Client and Sicunet Mobile Client. With unique cloud technology, our client applications are easy to use for a surveillance’s daily operations. Their streamlined user interface makes intuitive and powerful functions to bring high efficient working management. No matter where you are and what you need, you can instant control and access video through computers online/offline or mobile devices as your preferences with free charge.

  • Web-based video management client
  • Simply remote access on any Internet-enabled computer or device with essential functions
  • Support all common web browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • Instantly view live video from one or multiple cameras, play back and control PTZ cameras
  • Remote control security system
  • Support Sicunet unique cloud technology
  • Support HTTPS
  • Support share image and video online

Mobile Viewer

Users can access surveillance on-the-go with Sicunet Mobile Client, an application for viewing, playing back and exporting video. Sicunet Mobile Client is works with all central management software(CMS15), and all security devices. Available as a free download from Google Play, the App Store and Windows Phone Store, the application gives instantaneous access to systems via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections. Sicunet mobile monitoring solution delivers excellent remote video surveillance with your mobile phone while you are on the move. Just by a simple click, you can then view instant video wherever you are. Sicunet mobile monitoring solution makes your business visible over mobile phone. It is simple, flexible and convenient.

  • Free mobile application for on-the-go access video
  • Remote access with simple function at hand
  • Support all common smart mobile operating system: iOS, Android
  • Instant access anywhere