When it comes to network video recorders, Sicunet gives you a complete range of solutions for numerous industries and applications. As well as Sicunet's video management software can be controlled easily for your security system wherever you are, whenever you need. Our network video recorders are ONVIF standard compliant. The SNR™ make easier for IP video deployment by combining the functions of a network video recorder, powered Ethernet switch, network outer and video management software with "auto setup" features into a single plug n' play device. Megapixel support, digital zoom, camera tours, PTZ control are offered through easy-to-use client software. There is no software licensing. New software features are offered to end-users through automatic software updates over the web. The SNR™ dramatically simplifies and reduces the costs of IP video deployment. SNR's automation and plug n' play operation enables installers with minimal network expertise to deploy an IP video system in the same or less time required for a traditional DVR and analog camera deployment.

Selecting the most suitable NVR option for your system is essential, and should be a balance of desired quality, features and coverage, as well as the overall budget. Our range of 4, 8,16 channel NVRs support motion triggered, continuous recording, local viewing on monitors and viewing over a network using smart phones, tablets and PCs.

4CH / 8CH

(Optional PoE)


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16CH PoE


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2.4 Conforzmant

Fast Video Streaming SNC series give our partners and end users freedom to choose from hundreds of video management software.

True H.264 Compression

Deliver the highest possible HD video
quality at very low bit rates.

Proven Stability & Reliability
based on Embedded Linux O/S

Sicunet NVR System based on Linux O/S is designed to provide robust system stability and reliability by adopting the optimized data fi le system.

Enable user to manage
the circumstance of
stable system operation


Pentaplex function with simultaneously operation for Live, Recording, Playback, Backup & Remote Access based on system stability.User can operate very fl exible operation & monitoring with multiple functionality.

Hi3535 H.264 CODEC
Processor for NVR System

The Hi3535 integrates various peripheral interfaces to meet differentiated customer requirements for functionality, features, and image quality, while reducing the eBOM cost.

DDNS Service Supported

SNR NVR makes user to get the remote video monitoring by supporting Sicunet’s Dynamic DNS service of vmddns.com which can be used as static IP for Dynamic IP without additional cost.

Plug & Play with 16 independent PoE network Interfaces

Up to 5 megapixels resolution
recording setup & Registration

Robust Cloud
(Hole Punching)Service

·You can connect the NVR without port forwarding in VMS. ·Simple cloud account registration(ID/Password) at NVR

Remote Web Viewer Multi Browser

All web-browser compatibility

Powerful Remote Mobile
Monitoring & Control

Free download application Sicunet mobile monitoring solution delivers excellent remote video surveillance with your mobile phone while you are on the move.

USB2.0/3.0 Interface for easy &
convenient external
data archiving.

Hardware based motion detection & Diverse Event Scheduling

· Safety through exact alarm sensor and motion detection.
· Checking available on remote CMS, or iPhone/Android Phone.

Two Way Audio(Talkback)

Two way audio enables you to receive and transmit audio through the IP camera.

Digital Zoom / PTZ Function

Can adjust zoom operation by using Mouse drag and wheel control on live image and recorded image on playback.

Backup during Playback

Sicunet NVR supports the backup withplayback at the same time. It enables you to do the multiple work.

Intuitive User Friendly GUI with Easy Operation

Just simple click. User friendly GUI allows the easy operation and speeds up the user’s work. Sicunet GUI is more attractive and makes the NVR easier to use.

Various Video Output

Sicunet NVR supports various video outputs such as VGA and HDMI. It enables you to meet your monitor requirement.

Easy Upgrade & Installation

You can easily upgrade NVR thru USB memory with the latest software and install HDD in NVR.