4/8 Channel SNR-300XN/P-H1 Series
Sicunet Network Video Recorder (SNR) with HD recording and playback of all channels.
They includes a user friendly mouse driven interface with full remote network and mobile phone access. The NVR can auto detect ONVIF compatible IP cameras;
Technical skills not necessary. Just plug the camera into the NVR and you're done. The NVR will power, record, and configure the camera for you.

A choice of 4/8 channel network video recorders (SNR-300XN/P-H1 Series) for use with IP CCTV cameras with a choice of storage options to suit.
SNR-300XN-H1 is no POE port, SNR-300XP-H1 includes 4/8 POE ports to POE cameras locally. The same Sicunet cameras (SNC series) is used with our NVRs for optimal results. POE ports are now normally as standard.(match with the model picture)

• Very easy to install. It auto-detects the cameras
• Very easy to use, featuring an excellent user interface
• Access live and recorded video on local, remote and mobile devices
• Many powerful features for finding the video you need and exporting for evidence
• Easily control PTZ cameras
• Export audio, video and pictures to be easily e-mailed or saved
• Power over Ethernet
• ONVIF Camera Compliant


Model No. SNR 3004N-H1 SNR 3008N-H1 SNR 3004P-H1 SNR 3008P-H1
System IP Video Input 4 CH 8 CH 4 CH 8 CH
OS Embedded Linux O/S
Pentaplex Live Monitoring, Recording, Playback, Backup, Network
Camera IP Camera Proprietary Protocol, ONVIF 2.4, ONVIF Profile G Proprietary Protocol, ONVIF 2.4, ONVIF Profile G
Video/Audio Input IP Video Input 4-CH IPC 8-CH IPC 4-CH PoE IPC 8-CH PoE IPC
Preview Mode 1/4 1/4/6/8/9 1/4 1/4/6/8/9
Audio Input/Output - -
Network Incoming Bandwidth 40Mbps 40Mbps
Outgoing Bandwidth 40Mbps 40Mbps
Interface RJ45 10/100Mbps RJ45 10/100Mbps RJ45 10/100Mbps
Video/Audio Output Recording Resolution 1080P / 720P / 960H / D1 / VGA / CIF / QCIF 1080P / 720P / 960H / D1 / VGA / CIF / QCIF
Frame Rate 120FPS@1080P 240FPS@1080P 120FPS@1080P 240FPS@1080P
Compression H.264(Advanced Codec) H.264(Advanced Codec)
Recodrding Mode Manual record, Schedule(Continuous, Motion, Alarm) Record
Event Motion, Alarm, Video Loss, IP Conflict, Buzzer, HDD Full and so on..
Playback Playback Screen Max. 16ch Synchronous Playback, and best efficiency & reliability to adopt intelligent dual stream
Decoding Live view/Playback Resolution 1080P / 720P / 960H / D1 / VGA / CIF 1080P / 720P / 960H / D1 / VGA / CIF
Backup Mode USB Device, Network USB Device, Network
Storage Internal Storage 1 SATA HDD(up to 4TB/HDD) 1 SATA HDD(up to 4TB/HDD)
Additional Features Cloud(Hole Punching) Yes, supported for Mobile App and CMS Yes, supported for Mobile App and CMS
CMS Mac Viewer Yes, supported Yes, supported
General Power supply DC12V/2A DC12V/2A

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