IP-based surveillance cameras present a host of advanced functionalities that enhance greater control and management of live and recorded video data, making them highly suitable for any security surveillance application. Sicunet offers High-Performance H.265 megapixel IP surveillance cameras offer advanced performance and specialized features while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy.

Our cameras include models appropriate for every market, ranging from robust outdoor cameras for all kinds of weather conditions to vandal-proof products for sensitive environments. While specifications vary by camera, all offer exceptional image clarity due to features that include wide dynamic range(WDR), Low light and 3D noise reduction for visibility in low lighting conditions. The cameras are ONVIF compliant, Power over Enther(PoE), exclisive Sicunet clould technology create you more simple and convenient life.

Bullet IP Cameras

Bullet cameras are extremely flexible, night-mode cameras offer 24/7 viewing of your surrounds.

Fixed bullet cameras
Small wonders for cost effective surveillance.

Reliable motorized bullet cameras
Installers' favorite for discreet surveillance in any environment.
2MP│2MP WDR│2MP L/L │4MP │ 5MP

Dome IP Cameras

Dome cameras can be unobtrusively mounted pretty wherever you like, it provides a great vantage point.

Fixed dome cameras
Small wonders for cost effective surveillance.

Reliable motorized bullet cameras
Installers' favorite for discreet surveillance in any environment.
2MP│2MP WDR│2MP L/L │4MP │ 5MP

PTZ Speed Dome Cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom capabilities for wide area coverage and a variety of applications.

IP megapixel PTZ cameras
Motorized Auto Focus Lens

P megapixel PTZ cameras Rapid panning and title speeds, continuous 360° rotation enable PTZ cameras to qickly move and focus on different objects

Accessory for IPC Cameras

Wall Bracket

Junction Box


High Quality HD Video

Optimized over many generations of designs, it delivers the highest-quality images under the most challenging of lighting conditions.

Enhanced Video Processing &
Top-Notched Features

·3D noise reduction filtering
·Digital WDR contrast enhancement
·AE/AWB/AF libraries supplied

True H.264 Compression

Deliver the highest possible HD video quality at very low bit rates.

Low Power

The low power is reduces energy costs and financial cost.

Robust Cloud Service

This is a networking technique for establishing communications between two parties in separate organizations.

Remote Web Viewer
Multi Browser

All web-browser compatibility.

Powerful Remote Mobile
Monitoring & Control

Excellent remote video surveillance

2.4 Conformant

Fast Video Streaming SNC series give our partners and end users freedom to choose from hundreds of video management software.

Power Over Ethernet

IEEE 802.3af Standard

SD Card Slot

Video Played by Smart Phone & PC.

Wide Resolution
Range from 2M to 5M

· 2MP Full HD (1920 x 1080)
· 4MP Full HD (2592 x 1520)
· 5MP Full HD (2592 x 1944)

Sicunet Free DDNS

Provide free and secure dynamic DNS.

Triple Stream Supported

Triple stream support enables you to take advantage of three different streams from an IP camera.

Privacy Mask

Protect personal privacy by concealing parts of the image from view with a masked area.

Motion Detection

Enables you to optimize the use of recording storage and provides instant alarm verification.

Two Way Audio(Talkback)

Two way audio enables you to receive and transmit audio through the IP camera.

WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)

WDR digitally adjustes exposure in areas of the frame to maintain optimum detail in both the shadows and highlights of the image.

True Day and Night

As daylight diminishes, day and night cameras record night scenes in black and white in order to reduce noise, and heighten the quality of the image.

Infrared LED

Better Video under Low Light.

nti-Vandal Proof & Water Proof Protection