Smart Central Management Software

Esay to Use, Intutive Control, Efficient Video Management

Sicunet offers users three flexible ways ‒ Smart Central management software (CMS15) - to view surveillance : Sicuent Smart CMS(CMS15), Web viewer Client and Sicunet Mobile Client. With unique cloud technology, our client applications are easy to use for a surveillance’s daily operations. Their streamlined user interface makes intuitive and powerful functions to bring high efficient working management. No matter where you are and what you need, you can instant control and access video through computers online/offline or mobile devices as your preferences with free charge.

Off-site access with rich functionalities

CMS15 an intelligent video central management software (CMS) that enables management and control of live, playback and recorded video, seamlessly integrating Sicunet analog, digital, and network video components (NVR, IPC, DVR) up to 64CH Video input and unlimited video registration, and compatible with all computer operating system. Its streamlined interface provides intuitive and powerful functions to maximize the efficiency of monitoring system. It is a powerful, easy-to-use client application for daily video management.
CMS15 Client provides an effi cient working environment that can be optimized for different tasks and operator requirements. Easy-to-navigate interface with flexible docking UI system enable users to understand with minimal training. Sicunet unique Cloud Service makes adding device plug-and-play within minutes. Our unique Video Wall for multi screen viewing. Sensitive alarm function, digital zoom and instant playback ensure examine incidents quickly and accurately.
Our S-CMS Client support user privilege defi nitions, every user can save their own language and setup for different devices. Using the Sicunet Central Video Management Software, various types of security and business systems applications can be seamlessly integrated in CMS15 Client.


Better compatibility

Support all OS

Flexible Userprivilege
Setting & Definition

Each user can setup and operate in their
independent setting mode to fit his/her
operating condition.

Two Way Audio

Sicunet CMS15 support ONVIF Interface

as global standard protocol.

Recording Video
for IP Camera

Real-time recording from IP cameras
while keep operating without switch off
of CMS System.

Robust Monitoring

Layout Tour(Toggle) TAB : User can rotate
next layout continuously when user add
new multiple layout mode.

Convenient & Powerful
Virtual Video Matrix Wall
Professional Layout Editing
(Flexible Matrix) supported

Various layout possible

Excellent Surveillance Mode
(Create and save new template)

Easy creation of various template

Operator preferred
surveillance layout

Save your layout with device to
favorite simply by one click

Camera Assign(Easy mapping)

ᆞReset all cameras at one time
ᆞConvenient video management
ᆞFor new setup of user preferable
layout mode

Live and Playback
Switch by one click

Monitoring live view and playback view at the same matrix

Map View Switch

ᆞToggle button to switch between Matrix
view and Map view
ᆞFast new map add
ᆞTour each camera video at map view

Video Management on the Video Window

Stretch View

Full Screen

Digital Zoom



Save AVI file


Talk On/Off

Sicunet Smart CMS15 is an IP or Network Based Surveillance Software for network IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, Digital Video Recorders. It provides video monitoring, recording, search, and Playback of recorded AV data and even manages events. Users can record Video Continuously, by schedule, Or by event triggering with alarm sensor and motion detection. Sicunet IP Smart CMS Software can meet all your needs for smart and digitalized security surveillance system.

ᆞLive Monitoring
ᆞSmart Recording
ᆞE-Map Viewer and Monitoring
ᆞEvent Monitoring
ᆞRobust remote Setup & Playback
ᆞIncredibly easy to use practical GUI
ᆞONVIF Supported for easy connection
ᆞRemote Connection for IPC, NVR up to 64Channel