SICUNET VMDDNS of Sicunet is which is used for the conversion of dynamic public IP address from domain names to the numeric format.The dynamic domain name address was supplied by DHCP server of your ADSL service company.

The technology of vmddns

On the DNS server, the domain name has to point a static IP address. Most of residential users don't have astatic IP, the IP is changed periodically. Hence, it's impossible to use the DNS server for dynamic IP addresses. Once the IP number changes, the DNS data ceases to be valid.

Hole Punching
Smart & Simple Network Cloud Service Solution

The most easy & simple network connection by Sicunet Plug & Play in Anywhere, Anytime for HD Video Surveillance.

Sicunet Cloud (hole punching)Service is a technique for establishing a direct connection between two parties in which one or both are behind restrictive firewalls, or behind routers that use network address translation (NAT). To "punch" a hole, each client connects to an unrestricted third-party server that temporarily stores external and internal address and port information for each client. The server then relays each client’s information to the other one, and using that information both clients try to establish a connection between themselves; as a result of the connections using valid port numbers, restrictive firewalls or routers accept and forwardthe incoming packets on each side.
Hole punching does not require any knowledge of the network topology to function. The most easy & simple network connection by Sicunet,Inc.