Push Alarm Notification


If you use Sicunet's NVR or network IP camera supports message alerts, then you can also send push notification messages directly to Sicunet's Smartvision Mobile apps or client server by using Sicunet Push Server Solution, which is a mobile/client push message platform for iOS/Android or Sicunet Client System.

Whenever triggering the event by setting up the easy & simple push notification mode instead of the typically complex SMTP E-mail Setting, Sicunet NVR or IP Camera can actually send a push notification to the registered person' mobile phone or client pc which is managing Sicunet client software immediately via network, and then user or operator can see on-the-spot-event image immediately for what's going on occurring at the triggered event place.

Users typically just need to setup SMTP server settings on their NVR or IP camera?to send an email alert when these types of events occur. But Sicunet Alarm Notification Server Solution is no need to setup the complex SMTP Server Setting anymore. We pursue the simple & easy real monitoring via Push Alarm Notification Service Solution.