Access Controller


Spider Series
Shared hardware and software architecture across all Spider Series means easy upgrades and expansion.
IT-friendly embedded Linux operating system significantly reduces:
- Virus/spyware attacks
- Operating system update dependency
Intuitive quick-start wizard
Intuitive quick-start wizard allows for ultra-fast setup, saves hours of time versus traditional systems
Browser-based management enables system status and updates from any place, on nearly any browser, using any operating system
Easily upgradable to incorporate future Spider technology integrations via software license keys. Video, badging, visitor management, asset tracking, etc.
Compact Micro-SD card
Compact Micro-SD card included with every controller,
for long-term event storage
Integrated tamper switch and inputs / outputs
for additional functionality
Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) available on all controllers and ACMs allowing for backup power through a UPS.
Optimized for use with iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets,
and other mobile devices
Dashboard displays full system status-at-a-glance including:
- Event and activity log
- Customizable door diagrams/floor plans with factory default templates
RMC(Remote Monitoring Connection)
DDNS without port forwarding(US patent pending)
Remote software
Remote software updates for new feature and
product enhancements