Affordable, Scalable, Browser-Based Access Control
The Neptune systems is comprehensive embedded OS and browser-managed access control systems. The proven Neptune systems delivers faster set-up, enhanced features, and scalability with tens of thousands systems installed. These feature-rich, self-contained access systems are designed for small & mid-sized applications where users need to secure their facilities, manage access of personnel, create and analyze reports, and monitor the system r motely. The Neptune Series' comprehensive wizard is fast and intuitive, saving significant set-up time.
Two Door / Two Door+
Four Door / Four Door +
One Door+
One Door
Our technology focus drives profitability in the “sweet” spot of installations.
Thanks to Neptune series' lower cost for installation and lower cost for support,
Neptune sells more jobs.
· Faster to setup, simple to maintain
· Embedded Linux Operating System; Minimized Virus Potential
· Independent network, server, and dedicated workstation hardware are not required
· Includes SQL database engine; no add-on database software licenses required
· Browser managed eliminates the need to load client licenses
· Common hardware reduces installer training and inventory cost
· Common software user interface means reduced training costs
· Open platform allows for cost-effective integration with other technologies
· Flat cost for replacement/service hardware
The Neptune-Series browser-based
access system saves time and money!