Neptune Hybrid Access Control

Neptune has been selling as product named e3 since 2011.
Neptune is improved on it’s security platform, stability and rich features are added.
e3 can be simply upgraded to the latest Neptune software and can have rich new features.

Hybrid access control

Neptune is a Browser based access and you can connect your panel to our Cloud server,
so that you can access your panel without firewall setting.

  • Experience Neptune Access
    ID : demo / PW : demo

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Full functional Restful API

Many of our partners build software and need competitive hardware portfolio they can integrate and customize for them selves or turn key package.

Mobile App

Sicunet’s mobile app gives you visibility on the go and enables you to access multiple buildings, grant/revoke access on the fly, and invite visitors and guests all from your smartphone.


With Sicunet you can schedule the time windows people can access the doors or buildings you manage with simple to use schedule management tools.

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